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Charles said:
Monday, 28 Nov 2016
I have just discovered your web site and it is full of great ideas on saving food, as it is only my wife and I, the tips will save us money.
Zouhair said:
Saturday, 30 Apr 2016
I wish to subscribe to your newsletter, as well as to follow you on facebook and/or Twitter. please comment,thank you a lot
Philippa said:
Thursday, 28 Aug 2014
Just came across your website, was looking for runner bean chutney. Brilliant recipes and lots of helpful information. Then I ventured onto drying beans, fantastic, so helpful. I am looking forward to visiting this site regularly. So glad I found you.
Elaine said:
Sunday, 13 Jul 2014
Hi. Ive just found your site and was wondering how to wrap a lemon madiera for freezing. I ve made it as a tier for my daughters wedding. Thanks Elaine
Sandie said:
Saturday, 31 May 2014
Websearched to find out if I could freeze cooked, leftover, gammon and found your site. Glad I did as it looks really informative and interesting - and I CAN freeze my gammon!
Beverley said:
Saturday, 17 Dec 2011
Just Googled 'how to freeze' and clicked on to your site. I found quite easily, looked very interesting, thought I would like more - thence the registration. Look forward to my first 'news letter' Thank you
Christine said:
Monday, 10 Oct 2011
What a great website. The Runner Bean Pickle is a great success in our house. Many thanks
Mick said:
Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011
This is a great website, very helpful, thanks mick
Steve said:
Saturday, 28 May 2011
What a great idea. So simple and effective and yet not something I would have thought of before finding your website.
Dean said:
Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011
Very informative site well done.
Umsalman said:
Friday, 28 Jan 2011
Please I like to recieve the great knowledge of yiurs
Gail said:
Monday, 18 Oct 2010
Wonderful site so far
Rita said:
Saturday, 2 Oct 2010
Looking forward to receiving your newsletters and visiting your website on a regular basis which looks really interesting.
Marva said:
Sunday, 5 Sep 2010
You have a great web site! Thanks for sharing!
Jackie said:
Tuesday, 20 Jul 2010
Your my most favorite farm to visit. I've been coming for years and when my mom was alive you graciously let me drive to the orchard with her so she could experience all your wonderful fruits. That memory has stayed with me over the years!!!
Steve said:
Monday, 5 Jul 2010
What a great help your website is , without it I would have wasted loads of great garden produce thanks
Matt said:
Sunday, 4 Jul 2010
Very interesting and very useful tips
Dave said:
Thursday, 22 Apr 2010
Brilliant site - loaded with info - I'm going to send the URL to our allotment website manager and our committee. Well done and thanks!
Susan said:
Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009
What a wonderful site full of great and useful ideas
Emily said:
Friday, 30 Oct 2009
Thanks for the useful information :)
Susan said:
Thursday, 17 Sep 2009
As a first visitor to your site I was impressed by how the instructions are so easy to follow.
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 1 Aug 2009
A wealth of information! Thanks Jo
Carol said:
Thursday, 16 Jul 2009
Looking forward to many good articles and information.
Mairi said:
Thursday, 9 Jul 2009
This is my first year growing vedge from scratch and trying to watch the purse strings, I have found your site very informative, as it covers far more topics than I anticipated.
ANN said:
Friday, 21 Nov 2008
I have tried for YEARS to convince my husband that an empty refrigerator is not efficient-and you still lose stuff as it is down too far- I will persist in filling up the space with bottles!! thanks so much
Reina said:
Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008
How do I preserve potatoes if I do not have a dark, cool, and dry place to keep them? Thank you for your help, Reina