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About Our Site

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

StoringAndFreezing was formed to offer a unique reference point on economical and eco friendly food use.

There's no doubt about it: eating in season, especially if you've grown your own, can save you money. But with a little clever thinking, you can store, freeze or preserve the seasonal harvest and enjoy your favourites for longer. Storing and freezing is thrifty, fun, and eco-friendly. And we're here to tell you how to do it!

Storing and Freezing is written by a panel of experts with an interest in growing their own, eating seasonally, and preserving at home. We're continually adding articles about things like jam-making, pickling, canning, blanching and freezing. Thrifty storage starts with planning: so whether you're buying from a farmer's market or growing in your back garden, we tell you what to choose and how to treat it.

For beginners and seasoned allotmenteers, we've got new ideas and tips to help you store and freeze.Storing and Freezing is quickly becoming a comprehensive resource for storing all of your produce, and we're pleased to be growing in popularity too! With the current resurgence of interest in money-saving, storing and freezing home-grown veg are hot topics.

Techniques like pickling may seem old-fashioned, but they're set to make a comeback. Home-made spiced runner beans and baby strawberry jam command high prices in farm shops, but you can make your own, and have fun doing it. And we hope you do. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact our experts via the Contact Us page. We'd love to hear them!

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