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There's no doubt about it: eating in season, especially if you've grown your own, can save you money. But with a little clever thinking, you can store, freeze or preserve the seasonal harvest and enjoy your favourites for longer.
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Latest Comments
  • StoringAndFreezing
    Re: How to Freeze Cakes and Baked Goods
    @JJ. It's generally unsafe to re-freeze any product once it's defrosted.
    15 April 2015
  • StoringAndFreezing
    Re: How to Freeze Cakes and Baked Goods
    @linda. yes as a long as you follow all the packing/wrapping information above before freezing it should be find to…
    18 March 2015
  • Linda
    Re: How to Freeze Cakes and Baked Goods
    I am made cake for fun weekend in May if I made banana cake now wil ok for May .
    16 March 2015
  • StoringAndFreezing
    Re: Defrosting Food Safely
    @Pen. Depending on the type of cool bag you use, the meal should defrost fairly slowly. As long as you ensure it is piping hot when…
    16 March 2015
  • Pen
    Re: Defrosting Food Safely
    I collect a frozen meal from a freezer and take to work in a cool bag. It can sometimes be up to 12 hours before i remove from the cool…
    13 March 2015
  • StoringAndFreezing
    Re: Defrosting Food Safely
    @gigi2 yes you as long as you pack it well. See our article on freezing cakes for information. Bring it to room
    5 March 2015
  • gigi2
    Re: Defrosting Food Safely
    Can pineapple upside-down cake be frozen? Made with crushed pineapple, melted butter & brown sugar plus cake mix batter. If so, any…
    1 March 2015
  • StoringAndFreezing
    Re: How to Freeze Cakes and Baked Goods
    @Babs. Yes as long as it was double cream and was whipped this should be fine. Follow the advice on this site regarding…
    12 February 2015
  • Babs
    Re: How to Freeze Cakes and Baked Goods
    I made a fresh double cream sponge sandwich yesterday. Can I cut it into slices and freeze it . The double cream was…
    9 February 2015
  • StoringAndFreezing
    Re: Recipes for Cakes to Freeze
    @Bagpuss. Mmm we love banana muffins and yes, freezing them means, you can have one or two ready to defrost whenever you feel like!
    9 October 2014
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