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What's The Best Way to Cook and Freeze Stew or Casserole?

By: Leigh Sexton - Updated: 11 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
What's The Best Way To Cook And Freeze Stew Or Casserole?


What's the best way to cook and freeze a beef stew? I recently made one which contained potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, parsnips and beef amongst a couple of other things.

It tasted really good so I froze some of it in the freezer. When I reheated it I found that some of the vegetables broke down into much smaller pieces.

Is there any way to avoid this? Also sometimes I notice the flavour is not the quite the same after freezing and re-heating a cooked casserole. Are there any ingredients which simply don't freeze well?

(N.M, 27 March 2009)


Cooking a beef stew is usually very simple. There are really only three rules: cook slowly, cook gently and leave it to stand.

Cooking a Tasty Stew

What this means in practice is that the slower and more gentle the cooking process, the more tender the meat and the more blended the flavours. Traditionally, cooks would make a stew the day before it was to be eaten, to allow the flavours a chance to blend and develop fully. A slow cooker or crockpot is a great way to make a beef stew, as it is cost-effective to cook the meat for six to eight hours so that it is beautifully tender.

Reheating Tips For Perfect Stews

When freezing a stew you need to think about the thickening agent you used. If you simply cooked it until the liquid thickened naturally, then you can freeze it in either a freezer bag or a plastic container without any further concern. If your recipe calls for the sauce or liquid to be thickened with flour or cornflour, it may separate on thawing. You can either use rice flour, which remains stable after freezing, or tip off some of the separated liquid and boil it up, with a little more cornflour, whisking thoroughly so that the liquid stabilises again and then pour that stabilised liquid into the stew when it begins to simmer, stirring it in gently so that you don’t break up the vegetables.

You should used frozen stews within three months. A good tip, if using a rigid box or container for your stew, and there is an air gap between the food and the lid, is to lay a sheet of cling film over the surface of the food before putting the lid on – this stops moisture globules forming on the surface of the stew which can lead to freezer burn on exposed vegetables. Freezing both stews and curries can make them even tastier, by allowing the flavours to mature, but if your food contains a lot of onion, you should eat it within a month, as onion can become quite potent if frozen for longer and overpowers the other flavours in the food. Some people say it develops a sweaty flavour, which they find horrible.

When defrosting, leave the stew in the refrigerator overnight then reheat either by decanting into an ovenproof dish and heating in the oven or use the microwave – but remember that microwave re-heating can cause potatoes and carrots to explode! This doesn’t affect the quality of the food although it does mar the appearance a little. Stirring the stew too aggressively can also make the vegetables break up.

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I cook a big crockpot then remove about Half when partially cooked cool then freeze. This way potatoes should not be fully cooked and stay firm when recooking at later date
Ry - 11-Dec-19 @ 8:24 PM
Its going to snow so I am cooking up a storm.. Pot Roast and homemade Spaghetti..I plan to freeze a part of each..So freezer bags doubled is my choice of packaging for the freezer..I will remove the onions.. They overpower when reheated after the thaw in the fridge.
grandma - 29-Jan-19 @ 2:01 PM
I want to make mushroom soup/stew with cremini and portobello mushrooms that are toasted before putting in the stew. Can I freeze the finished recipe or will the mushrooms go soggy when thawed?
KarenC - 6-Jan-19 @ 7:21 PM
Hi, I have cooked a pork stew with corn flour as the thickening agent. Any tips on how to freeze and defrost?
Sasch - 9-Nov-18 @ 4:24 PM
SC - Your Question:
Does blending cooked food before freezing it compromise its nutritional value.

Our Response:
Blending can remove fibre and therefore some of the nutrients that would be found in a whole fruit or vegetable. There can also be more concentrated levels of sugar as a result of blending rather than eating a whole fruit/veg.
StoringAndFreezing - 17-Aug-16 @ 2:32 PM
Does blending cooked food before freezing it compromise its nutritional value.
SC - 17-Aug-16 @ 12:47 AM
coolpop - Your Question:
I have trouble with stews, casseroles, curries that I store in plastic containers with cling wrap covering it. When I thaw it is watery, Potatoes go mushy and the taste is lost quiet a bit.Any suggestions advice appreciated. Denis.

Our Response:
This is quite common. The advice in the above article is quite relevant. Have you tried those suggestions?
StoringAndFreezing - 27-Aug-15 @ 12:23 PM
I have trouble with stews, casseroles, curries that I store in plastic containers with cling wrap covering it. When I thaw it is watery, Potatoes go mushy and the taste is lost quiet a bit. Any suggestions advice appreciated. Denis.
coolpop - 25-Aug-15 @ 11:55 AM
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